Information of „De Krekkel“

De Enscheder Spöllers en Daansers de Krekkel is a dance group located in the east part of the Netherlands. The region, called Twente, with its dialect and special traditions is close to the German border. De Krekkel is a vivid group which honors on an authentic way the culture of their region with songs, dances, music and of course the costumes, with the traditional wooden shoes, of the region.

The group was founded in 1952 by a few enthusiastic folklore lovers and has currently around 30 members. They wear during the performances original costumes of around late 19th century. The music is played on accordion.

The dances which are performed are all original and have their origin in the east part of the Netherlands. One could see the dances performed, sometimes with small changes, throughout this part of the country by many folklore groups. Next to the dances the Krekkel has in their program also small sketches, songs and declamations. These are of course more for the audience understanding Dutch. During a performance the program is normally presented where an explanation of the costumes, dances and traditions is given. A presentation in Dutch, English, German or French is possible.

The Krekkel has each year many performances in Holland and Germany. Also is each year an exchange with a group from some country in Europe. During these events there is an exchange of culture and traditions and also sometimes new friendships are established. Festivals where the Krekkel has participated in recent years include festivals in Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Germany and Sweden.  In the more than 65 years of its existence there are only a few European countries where the Krekkel has not yet been.

Every year late August the Krekkel organizes a small and cozy festival. This is also a tradition since many decades.  In this festival domestic and foreign groups are participating.

If your group is interested to participate in this festival, please contact us de Krekkel. We will be happy.