“Who we are”

De Krekkel, Twente culture in the 21st century.
De Krekkel is an association that gives shape to Twente culture in a contemporary way. Through dancing, music and singing, the traditions are passed on.
This happens on the practice evenings and of course during the many performances at home and abroad. Of course, the Traditional Twente costume should not be forgotten.
This takes place in a relaxed atmosphere where, in addition to rehearsals, there is also room for fun and a party at its time. A nice bonus is that you keep moving well. In addition to performances in Enschede and surroundings, an exchange is organized every year where we visit a group somewhere in Europe.
We contribute to the Europe of the 21st century in our own way by performing everywhere abroad and also inviting dance groups to Enschede.
In short, at de Krekkel there is a lot to experience for people who love culture, dance and music.